What Are My Tooth Replacement Options?

Despite the fact that teeth are solid and intended to endure forever, they frequently don’t endure forever. A missing tooth or seriously harmed tooth might cause you to feel like you’ll at no point ever have the option to grin something similar in the future, however, a lost or harmed tooth is more than about your style. It’s likewise about your oral wellbeing.


Drs. Poore, Robinson & Associates, PA, and our group support the individuals who need tooth substitution to investigate the numerous helpful dentistry choices accessible to get back a solid and delightful grin at dentist Mooresville NC.



Teeth are intended to assist you with talking, biting, and grinning. Without every one of your teeth, it tends to be trying to achieve these assignments and may even reason the leftover teeth to move. Whenever you want a tooth substitution, our group might propose the accompanying.



Dental inserts can supplant a solitary tooth, a few, or back false teeth. The inserts are embedded into the upper or lower jaw to be an anchor for substitution teeth.

Inserts have altered the manner in which rebuilding efforts can be secure and stable, as though they were a characteristic tooth. Be that as it may, not every person might be a decent possibility for dental inserts because of the surgery and kind of good oral wellbeing expected for the inserts to flourish.


On account of less extreme dental harm, dental crowns are a well-known choice to reestablish and replace a tooth. Crowns shield the normal tooth from additional harm or rot while being able to mix inconsistently with the other teeth when porcelain material is chosen.


False teeth, halfway or full, are an incredible choice for those missing teeth and may even be a decent advance for the individuals who in the end need to get dental inserts. Dissimilar to inserts, false teeth are removable however are made to easily fit.

False teeth require sound gum tissue and jaw design to sit without aggravation however normally are a decent rebuilding for some patients.


Presently you realize that you have numerous tooth substitutions to browse in the sad case you want to supplant a tooth! Assuming you’re pondering which is the best tooth-trade choice for you, you can call our office or get in touch with us through our virtual structure!

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