What is the Fssai internship scheme & FSSAI registration for Bakery

What is the Fssai internship scheme & FSSAI registration for Bakery

In India,  bakery is the prominent sector in fssai food processing units.

Bakery products like bread, different types of cakes, puffs and doughnuts etc .It is one of the leading sectors in India, especially in urban areas. As we know that India is one of the leading countries in terms of milk production. So bakery plays a vital role in the Indian market. In this big market there are chances of malpractices of bakery products. 


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That’s why it is necessary for the government to supervise the market by regulating rules.

For this purpose, the government of India established an executive and independent  body named FSSAI under FSSAI act, 2006. 


Its headquarter is in new delhi, and 6 other regional offices in india like kolkata, ahmedabad, cochin, chennai, mumbai and delhi.This institution comes under the ministry of health affairs. 


FSSAI is responsible for making the rules , regulations, standard framework and supervision.

All the food companies, manufacturers, suppliers and traders must have the FSSAI registration to run in the market.

Bakery food companies need to follow these norms to sell their products in the market. 


The question is why this is necessary to get this license,

So the answer to this question is, that it is necessary for the companies to register themself in FSSAI institutions to maintain public health, safety, and food security. To refrain from malpractices in bakery products is needed to get an FSSAI license.



How can the bakery companies apply for the FSSAI registration ?

In India, bakery companies need some supporting documents for registration. The documents required for registration are as follows: 


  1. Address proof ID
  2. Passport size photo
  3. Adhar card or other id card 
  4. Business name and its address
  5. Business details etc.


Above are the documents required for the registration.

There are different criterias for registration:

1) Basic FSSAI license,the companies whose annual turnover is below 12 L , 

2) State FSSAI license, whose annual turnover is between 12 L and  20 L,  and 

3) Central FSSAI license,  here the annual turnover should be 20 L.


For the bakery companies, they should have at least Basic FSSAI registration ( according to their annual turnover)  to run their business in the market .


For all the food making companies along with bakery companies, it is mandatory to have such a license to run his business. If any food making companies fail to regulate FSSAI norms, it is illegal to run the business and if the companies continue to run this business, suit can be sued against the companies.


In a nutshell, to run food making industries in the Indian market, they should have the FSSAI license.  


Before starting on the main topic I would like to tell you something about the FSSAI institution and its internship program.


Fssai is a statutory body as well as an executive body under the ministry of  health and family welfare. FSSAI was formed under FSSAI act 2006. its headquarter in new delhi and there are 6 other regional offices india like delhi, mumbai, ahmedabad, cochin, chennai and guwahati in india. This institution is responsible for the supervision and laying down the framework of rules and regulations for the public health and food security. It is the highest level of authority for enacting and implementation of rules and norms. FSSAI issues a license to the food manufacturers to run their business in the market. So we talked about the FSSAI and its operations in the field of food marketing.


First of all we will discuss the  FSSAI internship scheme programme , after this,  the eligibility criteria for the internship program. So let’s go to the topic.


FSSAI internship is a 3 to 6 months programme that provides the interns the learning opportunity in sorts of   areas of food regulation and food safety administration but they do not offer less than one month internship.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India invites the interns for the FSSAI internship scheme, in which they enjoy the various opportunities in the food sector.

who are eligible for the FSSAI internship : 

 candidates who are pursuing full-time graduation, post-graduation degree, or any other higher education from a recognized institute as it is within the country or out of the country in any of the following courses like candidates who are pursuing their third and fourth year PG degree or Btech or BE from an institute or recognized university in biotechnology, food science and technology, food and nutrition, chemistry, Edible oil technology, public health, life sciences, horticulture sciences, toxicology, and industrial microbiology, etc. are eligible for this internship program scheme. 


 Now we will talk about what the interns need for these internship schemes. so the interns are required to use laptops only.  and the working space, internet connections and other facilities  will be provided by the FSSAI.  


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one more thing is there are no facilities for lodging and for travel, interns have to manage it.

A stipend is provided to the deserving interns by the FSSAI which is of rs 10000 but by the prior recommendation of the office or the sector they work with.

After the successful completion of the internship, all the interns are awarded a certificate. 

Elaborately I discussed the FSSAI internship program, now it is all about the conclusion that the FSSAI not only frames the laws and issues the license but also it provides a good opportunity to the candidates who have a keen interest in this field. FSSAI is not only the regulator but also provides careers to the candidates by providing the FSSAI internship program.


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