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What Sex Of Cat Should I Get?

What Sex Of Cat Should I Get

In a general sense, it does not matter which sex of cat you get or adopt. The important thing is that you have to neuter your beloved kittens before they hit puberty (four months old) and before they get affected by the sex hormones.

You would not want a home filled with hundreds of kittens, would you? Another negative impact of owning an un-neutered male cat is that they love to mark their territories with their foul-smelling urine.

You may also get either female or male kitten or cat if you plan to get just one. But if you intend to bring home two cats or kittens, you may want to get the opposite sex. Doing so will avoid competition. Remembering the neutering of the kittens will reduce the competition that may arise among your kittens or cats.

But, no matter the sex of your cat is, she or he deserves your utmost love and attention.

If your pet is showing any signs of illness, make an appointment with your vet Spring Hill, TN.



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