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Why Adding Online Kundali Matching To Your Life Will Make Difference?

Rahul and Ria are worried about their marriage as their parents want them to get married only after their kundali gets matched. They know that taking the kundali to pandit will take a long prosess. Rahul found the solution for his problem with online kundali matching. From there he is able to check his and Ria’s affinity.

Rahul also takes into consideration the different dosha. With the help of horoscope matching he had also corrected this doshas. He took the help from an astrologer so that they can live happily after marriage.

Kundali matching is science followed from earlier Vedic time. It is also known as horoscope matching the most important factor taken into account by Indian parents. In Indian society, marriage has high value.

Why is online kundali matching important?

The former step in marriage is the matching of kundali also known as “Gun millan”.  This is important to check the capability of both the partners. To check whether their nakshatra and stars are well suited. Free horoscope matching can help the couple to know about their future.

Guna millan is also important to know whether the partners are good for each other. Sometimes the stars and planets of one partner can affect the financial carrier and health of another partner. One can also get the details about their marriage life span, chance of divorce, children probability through online kundali matching. Birth chart matching can be the best gift you can give to you and your partner for a happy life.

How does kundali matching work?

Earlier kundali matching is done by family pandits or purohit. It was a very time consuming process. Now with changing time the matching of horoscopes became easier with online horoscope matching to determine couple compatibility. All you need to do is just find the best online astrologer.

Basically there are two methods for kundali millan for groom and bride

  1.     Name -based kundali millan
  2.     Date -based kundali millan

In marriage matching by name, togetherness of the couple is checked on the bases of name. Janam patrika matching is another name for kundli matching on the bases of date. In this the togetherness of partners are checked by their date of birth. Although both the methods are for gun millan, online kundali matching on the bases of date is more accurate.

Can we know the characteristics of our better-half through online kundali matching?

You can find out your better-half by the prediction made on the bases of birth date. According to horoscope matching  8 characteristics called Ashtakoot are compared. The word Ashta represents eight and koot represents categories. In koots astrologers compare 36 gunas for marriage.

These eight koots are:

Varna/jati: The 1st koot in gun millan. It determines the cast of the two partners.

 Vashya:  It is the 2nd koot for kundali millan.  It tell about the dominating nature of one partner over the another.

Tara/dina: The 3rd koot is related to the birth star of the couple. It determines the wealth, prosperity and health aspects.

Yoni: it tells about the physical and sexual ability of the couple.

Maitri/Graha:  It determines the mutual bond and friendship as a result it also determines the intellectual and mental ability of the partners.

Gan: It is based on temperament and nature.

Bhakoot: For online kundali matching it is 2nd important character. It include financel and career related doshas.

Nadi: It consists of 27 nakshtra. It consists of a hereditary aspect. This koot determines the Children’s probability.

People can find long term happiness through online kundali matching

Gun millan or online kundali millan is one of the most important factors for marriage. We find that there are eight factors for kundali millan. Along with these eight factors there are many more factors that we should take into consideration. Plantes are satrs also paly important role in birth chart.marital life statuse is governed bythe 7th house which is ruled by venus.







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