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Why is my Epson printer showing a printing error?

Epson is a top printer brand and best-known for quality printing and budget-friendly options. You can easily connect your Epson printer with your device and then get the printouts easily. You can also connect the printer to the network and share it among several systems. New Epson printer models also provide fax and scanning services. These printers are easy to set and configure with any device. You can easily connect your printer to any device and then take the printouts. But sometimes the printer starts showing printing issues. 

Common reasons behind printing error in Epson

  1. The printer is not connected
  2. Epson driver is not working
  3. Paper jam
  4. Cartridges are not installed correctly
  5. Printer services are not working
  6. Epson printhead is clogged

Resolving printer error in Epson printer

Run a printer troubleshooter

If your Epson device is showing a printing error then you should run a printer troubleshooter. It is an inbuilt tool on your PC. Open the connected PC and then go to Update and Security. On the left pane, search for Troubleshooter. In the troubleshooter tab, click on Printer. Run the printer troubleshooter tool on your computer. Now the utility tool will start searching your printer files that are causing printer errors. This tool will repair the printer files and the printer will start working.

Restart the Epson printer 

When your printer stops working, you should try restarting it. Many times, printers get errors when some of the printer services are not working. These services stop working due to runtime issues. To resume these services, you have to restart the printer. Go to the printer and then restart it. For a power restart, you can remove the power cable when the printer is on. You have to wait for about a minute and then reconnect the cable. Epson printers will start automatically and all the services will run from the beginning. Reconnect the printer to the computer and then you can take the printouts.

Get a new USB cable for the printer

You should check the printer connection. When the printer is on a wired connection, inspect its USB cable. Your printer often gets an error when the cable is loose or faulty. Take out the cable and check its pins for any damage. Now use the cable to connect another device. If your cable is faulty then you should purchase a new cable for the Epson printer. But ensure that you are using a high-speed cable. Try to connect the printer to the PC. If the printer is still showing the same error, try connecting the cable using another USB port. In a wireless connection, you have to restart the router and WPS pin. Go to the router and restart the WPS pin. Now go to your Epson printer and then check the network page. You will get a list of network SSIDs on the screen. Check the SSID and tap on the correct network name. The Wi-Fi lamp of the printer will stop blinking. Now go to the computer (on the same network) and add your Epson printer. Send a print command and check for the error. 

Clean the printhead of your device

If your Epson printer not printing properly then check its printhead. The printing error occurs when the head is clogged. The printhead gets clogged due to the dried ink. You have to clean the printhead of your device. Go to the printer and check the printhead. Take a clean cloth and a few drops of cleaning liquid. Remove all the dried ink from the printhead. Wait until the printhead gets dry. Now take a test printout and check the printout quality. You can also use the inbuilt cleaning function. On the printer, check for Utility tools and tap on Printhead. The utility tool will start removing the ink from the printhead. You may have to use this function 2-3 times. After cleaning, the printer will start printing in better quality.

Change the printing mode

Printers start showing printing issues after a few years. If the printer is old then getting printing issues is normal. But printing issues can also occur when the printer is in draft mode. Go to the printer and check its mode. If the printer is in draft mode; it uses less ink and prints in poor quality. To improve the quality, you have to change the mode to normal or high. For simple printouts, you can change the mode to normal. In case you have to print bright images; change the mode to high. The printer will start giving the printouts in high quality. 

Inspect the cartridges

For printing issues, check the installed cartridges on your device. If the cartridge is about to get empty; you will get faded printouts. Go to the printer and eject the empty cartridge. Now get a new cartridge for the Epson printer. Before installing the cartridge, remove the protective pin carefully. This pin is to prevent mishandling but you have to remove it before installing the cartridge. Your printer won’t print in good quality if you are using a clone cartridge. These cartridges are cheaper but ruin the print quality. You should only use original cartridges on the printer. If the cartridge is costly, you can refill the empty one. Get good quality ink and then refill it. After refilling, reinstall the cartridge on the printer and now try to take your printouts. Sometimes the printer won’t recognize the refilled cartridge. You have to remove all cartridges and then install them one by one along with the refilled ones. 

Check the Epson printer driver

The printer will show issues if the driver is not working. Go to the Epson printer driver and check for its update. After updating, the printer will start working. Ensure that you are using the correct Epson driver. You can’t use other models’ drivers on your Epson printer. Check the printer’s model number and get the correct driver for it. Install it on the device and reconnect the Epson printer. When you add the printer, it will find the correct driver and receive the print commands. Now you can take your printouts easily. 

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