Why should you rely on Kajaria Plywood Pvt Ltd?

Kajaria Plywood Pvt. Ltd is the corollary of the renowned brand Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. Kajaria Plywood Pvt. Ltd is seen to supply wood panel products to its consumers under the title of KajariaPLY. The brand has been known for its product development skills and unwavering commitment to its consumers for over three decades. 

Besides, the brand successfully adopts modern technologies and development standards prevailing in the contemporary world regarding research, quality, and technology. Kajaria PLY uses adequate research and development to develop optimal production methods. As a result, it ensures the delivery of high-quality wooden wall panels to consumers all over India. It offers 100% customer-centric products and services. 

Earlier, wood wall paneling and wood panels were crafted from solid wood timber. With the passage of time, the deficit in the availability of solid wood has caused the popularity of plywood panels to rise rapidly. 

In a country such as India that receives multiple environmental factors and several climatic zones, the performance of wooden products can be affected daily due to reasons like a flood, snow, desert, moisture, humidity, and so on. Wooden wall panels along with decorative wooden panels are crafted and curated with extreme precision. 

What are the advantages of choosing Kajaria PLY?

Wood panel products sold by other manufacturers can’t comply with the specified standards as they don’t undergo testing frequently. KajariaPLY is a renowned brand that can comply with pertaining standards in the market and manufacture customer-centric and customized products. Whether it’s the choice of high-quality raw materials or creating the best designs, KajariaPLY can satisfy your interior decor needs. The brand uses full panel veneers and full core veneers for almost all types of plywood products. 

Similarly, the brand ensures the hardwood timber and pinewood for the construction of flush doors and block boards are ripped precisely. Besides, you can choose products made of waterproof plywood, flush doors, moisture-resistant plywood, and hardwood plywood

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